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San Diego Real Estate Bubble 2017

 Commercial San Diego Real Estate Bubble 2017

2017 San Diego real estate market San Diego Real Estate Bubble 2017Here in San Diego on a number of radio channels I personally heard commercials for investing in real estate trusts. These REITs that are being pushed in the commercials are based on commercial properties. This fact in and of itself would not be of major concern if I didn’t know about the other underlying problems in the commercial real estate market. But, personally don’t ever recall REITs being advertised on our local San Diego radio stations. I believe this type of radio advertising for REITs could mark the top of the expected bubble in commercial real estate next year.

Keep in mind this is just my personal opinion and naturally before you act on any major investment, whether real estate or stocks and bonds, it would be prudent to consult with your own financial and legal advisors.

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Commercial San Diego Real Estate Bubble 2017