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San Diego Real Estate Election Savings

San Diego Real Estate Election Savings

Moving out of the country??? Now you can save thousands in listing commissions.

Quite a few celebrities, especially here in California have publicly stated that if Trump were elected they were going to move out of the country. Well, here’s a special offer for just those people.iif you really intend on moving because of the election of Donald Trump, and have publicly stated this on the Internet/social media platforms, act within 30 days of the election, I will list your property for just a flat $500 real estate - San Diego Real Estate Election Savings

Naturally, there is not ahere or do I want to bore my audience with the specific details of this offer, so please consider this just a very general outline.. But, with that said if you do meet the above criteria,, and have a property located within San Diego County you should email me direct for the full details on how this program will work.

Yes, with the median home price in San Diego approximately $500,000, one could easily save well north of $10,000 through this special offer.

Now, here in La Jolla California,with residential home prices substantially higher  than most other areas of San Diego, a residential home that would sell for over $1 million could generate savings under this special presidential election discount program  equally to savings of over $30,000!